Productivity Framework Part 3 – Insights

This article uses the productivity framework introduced in previous posts to provide valuable insights for running your project in the cognitive capture domain. The Ultimate Goal The hype about AI is as high as it could get; however, capture solutions, cognitive or dumb, are not all about AI. The only goal of a capture solution … Read more

Productivity Framework Part 2 – A step by step guide

This article aims to dive a little deeper into how to measure productivity in a cognitive capture system. The principles introduced here are generic and can be applied to any system. However, we use a Kofax/KTM platform to provide specific examples. If you haven’t read the introductory post about the framework, I strongly recommend reviewing … Read more

Productivity Framework Part 1 – Introduction

This article provides a framework for measuring productivity in a (cognitive) capture system. What is a capture system A cognitive capture system is a software suite that provides capabilities to ingest, classify and separate documents and extract data to drive business processes. A successful capture solution ensures the seamless execution of transactions in operational productivity … Read more