The unintended consequence of fuzzy lookups

This article goes over fuzzy lookup, how it works conceptually, a shocking revelation for your end-users and how to deal with it. Introduction A solid strategy to increase user’s productivity is to deploy your extraction as partial automation with the help of fuzzy lookups. What is fuzzy lookup “Fuzzy search is a technique of finding strings … Read more

How to collect and sample your IDP representative set? A step by step guide

This article goes over the steps that I followed for data/documents collection to build a classifier for my client using the Kofax Transformation Module and the importance of choosing the correct sampling strategy, in this case, stratified sampling. My client receives 18 million documents a year, which was a combination of paper and email. What … Read more

Is automation killing jobs?

The typical, thoughtful answer to this question is a big No with a lecture on the lump of labour fallacy. Also, the answer always finds its way in your typical RPA evangelist presentation. However, I am going to provide a different response this time around. Lump of labour fallacy “In economics, the lump of labour fallacy is the misconception that … Read more

IDP Productivity Framework Part 1 – Introduction

This article provides a framework for measuring productivity in an IDP platform. What is an IDP system An Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) system is a platform that provides capabilities to ingest, classify and separate documents and extract data to drive business processes. A successful IDPsolution ensures the seamless execution of transactions in operational productivity applications … Read more

The IDP AI spectrum

When it comes to AI-enabled automation, we need to shift our mindset from a binary state, where we have no automation or full automation, to a spectrum of automation. Intelligent Document Processing AI I borrowed Andrew NG’s AI spectrum and localized it for the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) subdomain, focusing on automating field extraction on … Read more

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